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Green cleaning is not just a fad!

Low tox, green cleaning, natural solutions whatever you want to call it. Cleaning your home with low impact products is becoming more and more popular but for good reason!

The phase: "you are what you eat” rings loud and clear BUT your home environment also greatly impacts your health. We know that the benefits of eating clean, nutritious, whole foods are clear – the less toxins, chemicals, and junk you feed your body, the more vibrant you’ll feel. Cleaning up your own home environment in the form of a healthy home detox: can lead to a healthier and happier home.

When you begin your own healthy home detox by switching to natural alternatives. Not all cleaning products list their ingredients, so a little extra know-how may be required – anything with a danger, hazard, or poison label should be avoided along with ingredients (in the rare event they are listed) like ammonia, DEA, APEs, and TEA. Although even the most natural cleaners contain small amounts of hard-to-pronounce ingredients, choose cleaning products like you would food. Opt for short ingredient lists (five or less) and as always, plant-based ingredients are the best choices, followed by solvent and phosphate-free labels. Avoid labels that promote vague terms like natural and ecologically-friendly.

So what we have learnt is that many of the cleaning products on the market today are full of powerful yet potentially dangerous chemicals. While these products claim to provide effective cleansing benefits, they often contain synthetic chemicals and questionable ingredients that may put your family at risk when used around the home. The beauty of using essential oils for cleaning is that they only contain the natural chemical components originally found within the oil, so when used in proper quantities, they do not pose a risk and are safe to be used around the house. If you have small children in the home, or just want to ensure that your family isn’t being exposed to unnecessary toxins and chemicals every day, essential oils provide a safe, natural solution for keeping the home clean.

Alternatively, you may make your own products with that said green cleaning couldn’t be easier if you have a few simple ingredients, you may never need to use a chemical cleaner again!

Here are my go to cleaning products:

  • Bicarbonate of soda / Baking soda

  • Castile soap

  • Vinegar (white odorless)

  • Hydrogen peroxide

  • Essential oils (DoTERRA)

  • Marseille soap suds

Why I love to clean green and adding essential oils has many benefits to this area:

  • Natural and safe to use in the home

  • Potent, powerful, and effective

  • Alternative to cleaning products with dangerous toxins and chemicals

  • Offers versatile options for cleaning

  • Creates a clean, inviting aroma

  • Safe for the environment and the whole family

  • Can be cost effective when making your own products

  • Enable you to create a healthier environment in your home

Simple switches... can not only benefit you physically but also financially and it makes a huge impact on our environmental impact.

I’m curious have you made the switch to green cleaning?

I have created this amazing ebook to kickstart your journey with three simple recipes to get your home on track to a healthier and happier space!


Honorandme wellness - Green Cleaning wit
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