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A food lovers guide to shedding those extra kilos!

It is that time of year when we are thinking about how we are going to shed those few extra kilos but your a lover of food - I get it... arghhhhh! Understanding food and how it interacts with our bodies is my passion so I have listed some simple concepts below that might help you to shift your focus, when we live such yummy busy lives:

  • Incorporate more FIBRE rich food into your daily meals! Think fresh vegetables, Fruit, nuts and seeds which not only help you to feel fuller but also are beneficial to our gut bacteria! Avoid if you can fibre supplements, know that real food is always going to be better!

  • Carbohydrates are not your enemy! Our bodies need carbohydrates to function! Avoid the 'low' or 'free from' carbohydrate diets - they can impact our blood sugar levels which can lead to a number of health conditions such as diabetes, heart attacks and even strokes. Know that we are all different and carbohydrates respond differently to individuals needs. Think about incorporating a smaller variety of carbohydrates in each meal: such as rice, sweet potato and vegetables as opposed to just a simple pasta which can have a quick spike in bloody sugars as opposed to a slower release of energy from a variety of carbohydrates. Also by doing this it will make you feel fuller for longer and ultimately avoid impairing physiological function by the insufficient availability of carbohydrates!

  • Avoid sweetners at all costs - they are disruptive bottom line - to our cells, to our gut microbiome to our brain to our hormones!

  • Exercise + movement. Yes, yes we all know this now but really try and be proactive about this. Movement is critical for our bodies to function and also to shed those unwanted kilos. You also have to remember that energy balance occurs when energy in (the food we consume) equals that of energy out (fuel used). Have someone be your accountability buddy - to achieve your movement goals! Join a 2 week program!

  • Sleep - is a critical regulator of metabolism. Inadequate sleeps affects our hormones, our repair mechanisms and ultimately can promote excess eating (due to fatigue)! Increasing your sleep you will see positive effects on your physical and mental health. Screen time - reduce your screen time: our bodies need the time to prepare for sleep - think about using some screen time blockers if you really need to be in front of a computer!

  • Stress, its a biggie and it is a major contributor to us not shedding those final kilos! Think - love handles! When we are stressed our levels of cortisol rise (the stress hormone), and excess cortisol is released - our bodies go into flight or fight mode storing more sugars and pumping them into our bloodstream!

  • Toxin overload, is a MAJOR concept, often neglected by professionals. What we use around our home and on our body can contribute to our overall health and hormones. If for example our skin is unable to release toxins (through sweat) our body is then forced to look at other options. Our bodies can as a result be harboring excess toxic overload, which can in turn be a result of carrying extra kilos!

Our relationship with our bodies is a key contributor to achieving our health goals: improving our relationship with food, our idea of contributing movement daily into our lives, what we put on our skin and the products we use around our home can help to relive some of the biggest roadblocks to a happier and a few kilos lighter YOU!

Remember that strategies to loose weight needs to be tailored to the individual - working directly with a health coach and nutritionist is a great way to achieve your goals!

IF you have any questions about the following concepts send me a direct email. I have some great inexpensive healthy programs and heathy home options for you!

Anna x

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