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Powders and Grains

1:1 Coaching

Join me on a personalized journey to a life of soulful wellbeing

and ultimate vitality.

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I like clean, simple and heart felt food that is good for you!

My nutritional culinary journey

that lead to me health coaching!

I have prepared the new food fads that adorn our world - I have even adhered to some of these lifestyle choices but there is nothing better then eating in the now, eating seasonal and enjoying it and I want to show people how easy it is!

Growing up in rural Australia I was lucky enough to enjoy the paddock to plate experience from a very young age.  I guess I'm fortunate as I understand where our food has always come from and notably the passion that farmers have for their ever demanding profession and lifestyle. This grounding has lead me to where I am today, I've worked in restaurants, a chef on super yachts for 10 years, a private chef and have cooked for large professional sailing teams.

Healthy Salad
Organic Vegetables
Roasted Zuccini

Becoming Your Own Health Advocate

Join me on a personalized journey to a life of soulful wellbeing and ultimate vitality.

Let's create a personalised routine to help you achieve your goals


Transition with meal planning

Improving Digestion

Stress Management

Transition to a healthy lifestyle

without stress

Increasing your energy levels

Improving Your Sleep

Whether you need gentle support, or a more assertive approach, I’m here cheering you on to be the best and healthiest version of yourself.


Working as a chef it was a natural progression for me to study how the body functions with food.


I furthered my study whilst cooking professional with Nature Care College studying Nutrition and then became a health coach through IIN, New York. 

Working towards a goal is a passion of mine!


As a health coach I educate, motivate and support clients to achieve their goals through lifestyle choices and behavioral adjustments. I provide clients with accountability and work alongside clients doctors to achieve a specific health outcome. 

Why work with me?


I have created two specialized programs depending on where you are personally with the option to extend if needed.

One-On-One 50 minute sessions via Zoom

Email support through the month, in between sessions, if you have any questions, or if you need some extra support.


Detailed notes after each session, with what we talked about + links and recommendations


Personalised recommendations including books / podcasts / documentaries / videos / tools


Recipe ideas tailored to you + help with meal planning


No calorie counting, or crash diets, just delicious nourishing foods and a whole lot of self-love.

Coaching Package

One hour mastermind

health coaching session

Complete health history

One Hour mastermind health & wellness coaching session


Follow up email including notes from our session, resources & recommendations.


(extras if needed may include a healing food guide, journalling prompts… this will all be personalised to YOUR needs).


(or $90 USD)

 3-Month Health

Coaching Program

FREE INITIAL 20 minute “let’s do this” call.

A personalized Wellness Program.

2 x 60min sessions per month in person or online to:

Realign your wellness and positive lifestyle goals.

Learn and integrate tools and strategies to reach your full potential.

Discover dietary choices that work best for YOUR body and lifestyle.

Understand and learn from food cravings.

Identify and action enjoyable ways for you to stay active.

Identify internal and external self-care measures

Learn to create meaningful connections and a sense of purpose. 

Recipes tailored for you.

Meal Plans ideas.

Health Tips.

Constant support throughout the week.​


(or $229USD)


Next Steps

So you have got this far...


So you’re serious about joining one of my programs.

To schedule an initial FREE 20 minute discovery call click the button below or email me

The purpose of this call is :

  • For us to get to know each other better, looking at your ‘health history’ and your goals

  • For you to ask any questions about the program

  • For me to determine if I’m the coach for you and if I believe you will benefit from my coaching, and for you to decide if coaching is for you too!

I want to know more!

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