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  Welcome to my world of using DoTERRA essential oils. I am here to support you on your journey of using mother natures incredible gift that she has gifted to us. 
I want to inspire you to live a more holistic and empowering lifestyle with the support of these beautiful oils. 
IF you care about your health and well being from supporting nutrition, aiding digestion, supporting immune function, getting better sleep, reducing your toxic load, protecting and nurturing your skin, supporting the body's natural healing mechanisms, purifying the air that you breathe, manage and supporting stress, mood and emotion! Then empower yourself and bring essential oils into your life! I truly believe you will be grateful for these gifts!
What is an essential oil?
Essential oils are natural aromatic compounds found in plants. They are the plants 'good guys'! These tiny little molecules keep the plant healthy, aid pollination, ward off predators,  help the plant fight infection and injury.
 Essential oils are 50 -70 times more powerful then herbs! They truly pack a punch.  A drop of the doTERRA peppermint is equalitvent to 28 cups of tea! 
But whats truly unique and incredible is that essential oils have been used by humans for centuries for there medicinal and therapeutic benefits. 
Why do we use Essential oils?
 We use essential oils to help our emotional, physical and spiritual well-being. 
They can replace are medicinal, cleaning and our bathroom cupboards. 
There are truly endless possibilities to what we can use essential oils for.
 Me personally, I use them to keep me focused and grounded. I use them every night in our little house to help our little one sleep. We use them in place of regular pharmaceutical products. For example:  Headaches, peppermint is truly a god send! Tea tree oil, for anything fungus or nail related. Lavender for stings, cuts or grazes and aid with calming and sleep issues! Digestion issues, no problem - we have a blend for that!! The list goes on......
How do we use them?
Super simple, we use them three ways: 
By aromatically diffusing the oils through a diffuser, the aromatic compounds enter our limbic system and can alter our mood and enhance our emotions. It also cleanses the air and purifies our environment. 
When applied topically the essential oil compound can penetrate the cell membrane and eliminate threats and can allow us to take control of our health naturally! They can provide immediate comfort for aches and pains and when applied to your feet they can enter our blood stream within 30 seconds. 
 Essentail oils have an incredible impact for us culinary like minded folk. They aid depth to our dishes and they also nourishe the whole body - in particular the digestive system! These oils can be ingested but work with your health practitioner - to help support you on this journey. 
How do you get them into your life?
Super simple, you want to open a wholesale account so that you can receive 25% of the oils - the same price that I pay!
Contact me and we can set up a time that suits both of us and we can work out the best oils for you! It might be a few oils to start with, it might be the Home Essentials kit (which by the way is the best value for money, hands down)! Once your oils arrive at your doorstep #stalkyourpostie we can work out another time to go through everything, talk about each oil so that you too can feel confident to start using your oils in your day to day life! See below a list of beautiful oil collections you can start with dependent on your country! Remembering you can order a la carte too! 
USA kits
South Africa
Once you have decided on your starter kit ....simply click on 'SHOP NOW
Follow the prompts, select your desired kit - our Home Essentials kit is the most popular kit to get started with. 
Open a wholesale account and get started on your beautiful journey. Once your order is processed I will send you a beautiful welcome package, as well as organizing a wellness consult, should you desire. 
 I will guide you on your essential oil journey through resources, 1;1 consults whatever you require. 
IF this excites you and you feel a calling to reach out, trust your intuition - send me an email get in touch! I would love to hear from you and get you enjoying optimal wellness that you deserve and desire! 
The stars are aligned and this (something - feeling) sparkles within you on a more collaborative stage then I would love, love for you to join me on empowering others by joining our beautiful global team.... we are a gorgeous, conscious enterprise that are co-collaborating and co-creating our dreams together!!! 
WE are a global team of leaders from the US, Australia and UK (a bunch of yoginis, nutritionists, ex super yacht crew, ocean and mountain shredders and reflexologists who incorporate the oils into not only our personal businesses BUT into our own health and wellbeing too, on a daily basis!) Basically, we are a bunch of cool cats - doing what we love and sharing our dream! I would love for you to join us as well!
Love + light  A xxx


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